4 Ways To Repair A Dent On Your Car

Posted on: 25 May 2023

Major dents on your car don't just look ugly, they can lead to problems like rust damage while also lowering the value of your vehicle. There are a few ways to repair a dent. Which you choose depends on the severity of the damage as well as the budget you have set aside for repairs. 

1. Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair is often the most cost-effective option, but it only works well for certain types of dents. Generally, if the dent is smooth and the metal isn't creased, and the paint within the dent is undamaged, then your mechanic can use special suction tools and mallets to pop the dent out. Although referred to as a paintless repair, sometimes a bit of touch-up paint on the site of the former dent may still be applied if there are light scratches in the clear coat or underlying paint. 

2. Body Fillers

Next in order of cost-effectiveness is the use of body fillers. Your mechanic begins by hammering out the dent until the former shape of the panel is restored. Creases and small dents may still be visible. They then smooth a body filler putty over the damaged area so they can smooth out the remaining damage so the panel looks whole again. The panel is sanded, buffed until smooth, and then repainted to match the rest of the car.

3. Panel Shaping

Panel re-shaping can be done without the use of fillers in some cases. Your mechanic will carefully use wooden blocks and mallets to bend the metal back into its former shape. This can be more expensive than the preceding repair options as it takes a delicate hand and skill to hammer out severe dents, particularly those that have creased the metal. The panel will be repainted once the damage is banged out and smoothed properly.

4. Full Replacement

For severe damages or for those that prefer to avoid fillers on their car's body, replacing the entire damaged panel is an option. Many mechanics offer the option of using new or reclaimed car panels, with reclaimed panels from a junkyard begin the less costly option. The replacement panel will be painted to match the rest of your car. Once the paint cures, the repair is as simple as removing the old panel and putting in the new one. 

Contact an auto body repair shop to discover which type of repair is necessary for your car.


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