4 Serious Things That Can Happen When Drivers Do Not Get Collision Repair Services For Dents

Posted on: 9 November 2021

Individuals who are involved in collisions can expect their vehicles to have signs of physical damage. Sometimes the damage appears to be minor but hidden damage and expensive repair issues may be present. That is the reason it is wise to always get an inspection performed at a body shop following a collision. There are also instances when one vehicle has obvious damage and the other vehicle appears unscathed.

Dents are one of the most common types of collision damage. They can occur when there is a high-impact or low-impact collision. High-impact collisions may cause dents that significantly bend or warp parts of an auto body. This might result in a body shop recommending replacement parts. Some dented parts can be cosmetically repaired using techniques such as paintless dent removal. Drivers should be cautious of dismissing dents as minor damages and not getting inspections, repairs, and/or clearance of safety from a body shop. The following points identify a few issues that could arise from not addressing automobile dents.

Safety Issues

The location of certain dents can negatively impact the safety of a vehicle. Bumpers are designed to absorb shock during a collision. When they are in good condition, they can minimize the chances of individuals in the cabin of a vehicle getting injured in a collision. Dented bumpers need to be replaced or repaired depending on the extent of the damages. Otherwise, they cannot provide adequate protection if another collision occurs.

Changes in Vehicle Handling

Collison damages can cause a vehicle to perform in a different manner. A vehicle might consume more gas if it has dents. This can happen when a vehicle has to work harder to stay on course. Alignment issues from the accident and dented portions that perform differently when driving a vehicle at accelerated speeds are common culprits for this phenomenon. 

Increased Corrosion Risks

Dents can interfere with paint protection. Manufacturers apply paint to vehicles to protect them against corrosion. Cracks and dents can compromise the underlying metal and make it susceptible to corrosion. Advanced corrosion may require future replacement of the affected parts. It is more cost-effective to get collision repairs for dented portions before they get to advanced stages.

Reduced Value

Car owners who do not get dents repaired may not be able to sell their vehicles for the same amount they could if they did not have damage. Dents can send the message that a vehicle was not properly maintained. If the unrepaired dents cause other auto body issues such as corrosion, the value may be further diminished as potential buyers consider the costs of getting the vehicle repaired.

For more information, reach out to a body shop that handles collision repair.


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