Have A Bad Scratch On Your Car? What To Do To Keep Driving The Car For Years

Posted on: 11 October 2018

If your car isn't brand-new but it isn't old either, you plan on driving it for years to come, and you've gotten a huge, deep scratch on the vehicle, you should call the auto body shop right away. You want to find the professionals and find out how much it will cost to restore your vehicle and what you need to do to make sure that the vehicle's value is maintained. Here are some of the options for treating the scratch that is in the body.

Full Exterior Detailing

A full exterior detail may be enough to get out the scratches in the car and the specific scratch that you have a problem with. This will also help to remove any other flaws that have accumulated on the vehicle and help to make it shine. This also helps to prevent rust and other types of damages from becoming a problem with the vehicle. This is something that should be done regularly.

Targeted Scratch Repair

If the auto body professionals don't think that the detailing will be enough and that the area will have to be buffed out and then painted, this may be the only solution. It will be worth the time and money to have the scratch repaired professionally and properly to help restore the value of your vehicle right away.

Panel Replacement

If the scratch is so deep and so bad that it is too difficult for the auto body professional to repair, they may have to replace the entire panel. This could mean any of the following:

  • Finding a totalled car with that panel intact and painting it
  • Ordering a new panel from the manufacturer
  • Having the new panel custom made

You will have to determine the most cost-efficient and easiest way to fix the scratch and what amount of time you have to spare. A new panel could be the easiest option for you.

There are a lot of ways that the auto body experts can fix a scratch. Don't wait until the scratch gets worse or starts to rust before you take it into the auto body professionals and to get the work done that you need. Once you have estimates for the costs of the different options and repair methods, then you can decide which will be the best for your car and for the repairs that you need done.

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