Why The Blade On A Bulldozer Might Malfunction

Posted on: 2 June 2016

Does the blade on your bulldozer move a lot slower than it should? The problem likely stems from there being a problem with the hydraulic system, as it plays a major role in how well the blade is able to function. Take a look at this article to learn about a few of the things that can go wrong with the hydraulic system on a bulldozer.

1. An Insufficient Amount Of Hydraulic Fluid

One of the most important aspects of good operation from the blade of a bulldozer is the hydraulic fluid.  Hire a contractor to put more hydraulic fluid in your bulldozer if you have not done so already, as it might resolve the problem with slow blade operation. You can also ask the contractor to inspect the hydraulic cylinder and lines to make sure there are no holes or cracks in them. It is possible that hydraulic fluid has been leaking out of the bulldozer without your knowledge.

2. Hydraulic Pump Problems

The hydraulic pump is another important part of your bulldozer when it comes to blade operation. Basically, the hydraulic pump is the part that is used for sending air into the hydraulic cylinders.  The air forces fluid out of the hydraulic cylinders for operation of the blade. If an insufficient amount of pressure is released from the pump, the blade is unable to operate to the fullest extent. You might need to get the hydraulic pump replaced if it damaged and old.

3. Debris In The Hydraulic Fluid

Sometime the only thing that prevents the blade of a bulldozer from functioning is the condition of hydraulic fluid. For instance, if there is metal in the hydraulic fluid, it can flow through the lines and interfere with how well the blade cylinders are able to function. Metal can get into the hydraulic fluid from neglecting to keep the filter clean. A contractor can remove all of the contaminated hydraulic fluid as well as clean or replace the filter.

4. Hydraulic Cylinders Are Damaged

If your bulldozer is old, it is possible that the hydraulic cylinders are damaged from normal wear and tear. The cylinders may have accumulated a lot of rust that led to them becoming cracked, which also leads to hydraulic fluid leaking out of them. Hire a heavy equipment repair professional as soon as possible to find out which part of the hydraulic system is causing the bulldozer blade to malfunction.


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