Creative Ways To Get Auto Body Repairs On The Cheap

Posted on: 27 January 2016

Whether your auto paint has been scraped off by hail or your car door dented by another motorist at the supermarket parking lot, you may find yourself in need of auto body repairs at some point. Fixing minor issues with your car's body early on will not only prevent the damage from deteriorating further, but also help preserve the resale value of your vehicle. Here is a look at tips to save money on minor auto body issues.

Obtain a cost estimate

The first step to saving money on auto body repairs is to shop around for the best deal. Go to several auto shops and obtain a free price quote for the repairs needed. This way, you can compare cost and avoid getting ripped off.

Additionally, you can also inquire about repairs that may be unnecessary. For instance, a minor scratch may be unsightly, but not compromise your driving safety. If you are low on cash, such minor auto body damage could be kept on hold while you focus on major repairs first.

Paint the exterior yourself

If you take your car an auto shop for a dent to be pulled out or a scratch to be filled in, you may be able to save some money by requesting that the paint job be excluded from the price quote. You can then rent a vehicle paint sprayer or borrow one from a friend so as to paint the exterior yourself. Just purchase the right paint shade and apply a uniform coat on the damaged areas to ensure your entire vehicle is one solid color.

Look for cheaper parts

In some cases, bringing in your own salvaged parts for an auto body job can bring the cost of repairs down significantly. Instead of relying on your mechanic to purchase new parts for the repair, ask for a list of the needed parts and search for them from alternative sources. For instance, you can search your local junk yard for salvaged parts that could be used on your car or look up online sale advertisements for cheap auto parts.

Offer to trade in services

Offering the auto shop a certain service you offer in exchange for a reduction in labor costs could be a smart way to save a little money on auto body repairs. For instance, if you own a contracting business, you may offer a few free labor hours to the auto shop in exchange for free labor on your vehicle. Contact a local shop, like Black Horse Auto Body Shop Inc, for more help.


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