Four Tips To Restoring An RV For Many More Miles And Road Trips

Posted on: 4 December 2015

If you like living on the road and enjoying time traveling, an old RV can be rewarding. There are many old RVs that you can buy for next to nothing and do the restoration yourself. You may want to completely gut an RV and restore it with modern features and design. Here are some tips to help you if you are restoring and RV for your next road trip:

1. Start With A Plan Of Things You Want To Do And Need To Do

Before you can start restoring your RV, you will want to have a plan of things that you want to do. Consider the features that you want to add to the interior of the RV. In addition, set a budget and include essential repairs to the drive train and mechanical systems. Having a plan will make the entire restoration process much easier.

2. Gutting The Interior To Get To The Mechanical Installations

The first step in restoring your RV will be gutting the interior. Remove all the interior finishes and furniture to get down to the bare structure of the RV. This will give you access to install new wiring and additional features. When doing this, set aside anything that you want to save and repair during the restoration, such as furniture and cabinetry.

3. Choosing Modern Features To Add To Your RV Restoration

There are also many modern features that you may want to add to your RV. This can include things like communications with satellite and cellular installations. You may want to wire your RV for DC power as well. This can be done while the bare frame of your RV is exposed. If you want to add things like solar power, you can also do the wiring for panels at this point.

4. Updating The Interior With Lightweight, Modern Finishing Touches

The interior of your RV will also need to be updated when doing restorations. When finishing the interior, consider using modern, lightweight materials. This will help bring the overall weight of your RV down, improving fuel economy and handling. This is especially important for finishes it high points, which can help lower the center of gravity and reduce rollover risks.

If you are planning on restoring an RV for road trips, these are some ideas that may help. You can be sure that there may be some things you need help with. If your are ready to get your RV back on the road, contact an RV collision repair service, such as Chehalis Collision Center, to help with any bodywork that needs to be done.


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