Damaged Car Door: Different Methods For Dealing With The Problem

Posted on: 20 October 2015

When your car door is damaged, you should know the different methods for handling the issue. By having this information, you can determine which repair method works best for your situation.

Self-Repair Options

For minor dents, you may have the ability to repair it yourself. When it comes to self-repair options, you need to be aware of how each one works.

The first option is to purchase a dent removal tool that helps you pop out the dent. The tool has two parts that you adhere to the surface of the vehicle with removable glue or suction cups. Once the tool is securely attached around the dent, you pull on it until the dent pops outward. The tool allows you to get the required leverage you need to pop out the dent without causing additional damage to the paint.

Another self-repair option is to use a hairdryer, aluminum foil, dry ice and compressed air to deal with the dent. With these items, you use different temperature changes to cause the metal to expand and contract, which is why the dent pops out.

One thing to consider is that both of these methods are for minimal dents. If the surface of the door panel is broken, it is better to look for alternative repair methods.

Professional Assistance

When the damage to the door is more severe, you need an auto body shop to handle the repair work. Depending on the type of the damage, the technician may use different techniques, tools and materials to deal with the problem.

For example, a common type of damage happens when another car doors hits your car door. This action can cause the metal to dent inward and crack the metal. To handle the problem, the technician will grind down any sharp edges, and they can try to pop the metal outwards. In this situation, they will also use a filler to smooth out the surface and then paint it to make the repair less noticeable.

If the damage is bigger, such as the metal is crushed inwards, the auto shop can replace the entire door panel. With this process, the company orders a new exterior door panel, removes the old one and then replaces it. The shop can usually order the new panel in the same color as your car, so that the repair work is less noticeable. However, for older cars, you may need to purchase the door panel second hand. But don't worry, the technician can paint it to match the exact color of your car's exterior.

When you are dealing with a damaged car door, you have different ways to handle the problem. By knowing more about the repair methods, you will have a much easier time determining which ones will best suit your personal situation. For more information, contact a local auto shop like Auto Body By Duie LLC


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