The Use Of A Paint Booth And A Conveyor System

Posted on: 11 March 2022

One of the last steps associated with an auto body repair is the application of paint. A paint booth and a conveyor system are controlled environments that will prevent overspray and protect your vehicle's paint job.

An Open Or Closed Design

Quality automotive shops that provide comprehensive auto body services will likely feature an onsite paint booth. A paint booth is an enclosure that will either contain four walls or three walls. An open paint booth will lack a front barrier. This type of design will allow an automotive technician to drive a vehicle directly into the booth, without needing to open the enclosure. 

A closed booth will provide the most protection from contaminants. This type of booth will contain a doorway that slides or pulls open. Upon entering the booth, an automotive technician will secure the door. A paint booth may be contained within an automotive shop or may be set up independently outdoors. A heater will be turned on at the end of a paint session. The direct heat that blows over a vehicle and along each side of it will cure the paint that has been applied.

Air Quality

An air filtration system is set up within a paint booth. Crossflow, reverse flow, and downdraft systems are featured in booths. Each system type will control the direction in which air blows. Some filtration systems will blow air horizontally and others will blow air vertically. The design of an air system will collect overspray in the exhaust filters. An automotive technician will regulate the filtration system, ensuring that each customer's vehicle is painted within a sanitary environment.

A Conveyor System

Some auto body shops may feature a conveyor system. A conveyor system is a piece of equipment that is used for each automotive painting stage. First, a vehicle will be repaired and cleaned. Afterward, it will be driven into the conveyor system. At the beginning of the system, the primer and paint will be applied to the vehicle. The vehicle will move along the conveyor and will receive an additional coat of paint.

At the end of the system, a heating apparatus will be turned on. The heating feature will cure the paint that has been applied. Wax or another type of sealant may be applied to a fresh paint job. A conveyor system allows automotive technicians to perform paint jobs in a methodical manner. A conveyor setup will save time since the paint will not need to be air-dried.


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