Protecting Your Eyes With Auto Window Tints

Posted on: 18 December 2020

Driving can be a task that puts a lot of strain on your eyes due to the glare from other vehicles and the direct light from the sun. Effectively managing the light that is entering the vehicle can help to reduce the strain on your eyes so that you can drive more safely and comfortably. Window tints are a common approach to reduce the amount of light that is entering the vehicle. While window tinting is highly effective, some people might not know how to use them to their full effect. Read on to learn some answers to common questions about this product. 

Can You Peel the Window Tint Off Yourself?

If at some point in the future you decide that you are no longer interested in having your vehicle's windows tinted, you will be able to have this tint removed. However, you should avoid trying to peel the tint off the glass. Rather, you should always leave this work to an auto window tinting service. They can use solvents that will make it possible to easily remove the tinted film by dissolving the adhesive that holds it in place. Without these adhesives, it would be very easy to rip and tear the tint in a way that leaves pieces of it on the glass.

Are Lighter Tints Still Effective For Those With Sensitive Eyes?

The bright lights and glares that can shine through the window may be enough to cause significant damage to your eyes over time. Preventing this eye damage is a common reason for installing the tints, but individuals may assume that the tints will need to be extremely dark for them to be effective. The reality is that these tinted films can be designed to block ultraviolet light, which will usually be the type of light that is the most likely to cause significant eye damage.

What Can You Do if Air Pockets Develop in the Tint?

As the tint on your windows age, you may find that air pockets have started to form under them. These pockets can impact the appearance of your tint, and it may even impact your ability to see while driving. Depending on the size of these air pockets, it may be possible for a window tinting service to smooth them. For this option to be effective, the adhesive that was holding the tinted film in place will have to be in relatively good condition. Otherwise, the adhesive may not be able to hold the tinted film in place, which would lead to the air pockets returning.


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