Dealing With Dents From A Hailstorm? Take Your Car To The Shop To Fix The Damage

Posted on: 9 February 2020

Was your vehicle parked out in the open during a hailstorm? If you were unable to park it in the driveway and you did not realize that it was going to start hailing outside, you probably could not have imagined the type of damage that you would be dealing with. Now that the hailstorm is over, you may notice small dents throughout the vehicle. These dents can easily develop when the hail falls on top of the vehicle and hits it from different directions. When you care about the way that your car looks, driving around in something with a bunch of small dents on all different sides could have you feeling frustrated. However, there is a quick solution to the problem. Take your vehicle over to the auto body repair shop to get rid of those dents in no time.

Removing Some Dents without Paint

You are probably stressed and worrying about having those dents removed and getting your vehicle painted again, but it might be possible for the experts to perform a paintless dent removal technique that allows them to get dents out without messing with the paint at all. If the paint job is still in impeccable condition despite the number of dents that you have from the hailstorm, a simple puller will often do the trick. The employees at the auto body repair shop might even be able to remove all dents in a day, which means you can get back to driving your vehicle by the next day.

Fixing the Paint When It Is Coming Off

Unfortunately, the paint on your vehicle may be negatively affected by the hail. If some of the paint has started chipping off in areas that are slightly dented, you would first need to let the workers pull the dents out from the body of the vehicle and then you would need to let them apply paint to cover those chipped areas. If you have concerns about the new paint not matching with the original paint color on your vehicle, you do not have to worry because the auto body repair shop uses a system that allows them to quickly and easily find the exact same color to use. By the time the employees have finished taking out the dents and applying new paint to small scratches, you will not be able to tell that your vehicle ever got stuck outside in a hailstorm.

Hail can quickly lead to dents on a vehicle. If you have dents on your car because of a hailstorm, take it to the auto body repair shop to get it fixed.


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